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I thought Harrison and the guy who played Ted were the only actors with any degree of talent. Actually thought Harold was excellent, Harrison, Lowell and Paige too.

Harold was terrible; both lesbians were terrible; Gless is a talented lady but chewed the scenery; Sparks was not only miscast, he couldn't deliver a single line convincingly and had zero chemistry with anyone else onscreen. Sparks was the problem--he was a terrible actor, had about two different emotions and is better suited for something like the Disney Channel sitcom he is in now.

For me it was painful to watch and I guess the actors weren't happy about it either. The show also had some great regulars like Vic and Justin's Mom. The creators said that they never meant to imply that Brian & Justin wouldn't see each other again - just that it wasn't the same kind of relationship that Michael & Ben had.

That's why I enjoyed watching campy Emmett, uptight Ted, and Michael's and Ben's relationship (for some reason I only noticed it after watching the show again, but Ben was one passive agressive son of a bitch! I would definitely watch a reunion or reboot but I doubt Netflix will do it.

They just weren't married in the traditional way that Ben and Michael were.'Queer as Folk' Reunion: Creators Talk Early Obstacles and a Potential Reboot: "We'd Be Open To It" Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman talk with THR about the impact of the Showtime drama 10 years after it wrapped its five-season run: "People came for the queer and stayed for the folk."Never seeing each other and not being together romantically are two different things.

Cowlip might have assumed a different interpretation, but I agree with 69.

That's why he was jealous of Michael and Ben, because he didn't think anyone would ever want to settle down with him, even though he wanted that more than anything.

At the end I think he decided that he was too damaged and not good enough for Justin so he pushed him away so that he would find someone better, someone who he though Justin deserved.

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One reason Randy got the part is that agents refused to submit their clients to this show.

I'd like to see a revival series but please let the writing be good.[quote]He was terrible in the show I saw him in. First of all, he has that awful voice, but his acting was also really bad.

I don't know if we saw him in the same show, but I agree.

Even Randy said "I'll believe it when I see it."I saw that the writers said Brian was a lion that could not be made into a house cat or something like that and have said that he represented the kind of gay man who did not ever want marriage and settling down.

But I think that may be what they wanted to write, but the character they wrote was a hurt and damaged guy who was sure that no one could ever love him.

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