Radiometric age dating exercise asperger and dating

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This document is partly based on a prior posting composed in reply to Ted Holden.My thanks to both him and other critics for motivating me.However, note that because of the "principle of cross-cutting relationships", careful examination of the contact between the cave infill and the surrounding rock will reveal the true relative age relationships, as will the "principle of inclusion" if fragments of the surrounding rock are found within the infill.

2) Using the above chart, estimate the percentage of parent and daughter material that should be present if 5 half-lives have passed.

If the length of a half-life is 1 million years, how old is the rock?

4) What is the age a granite intrusion which has an isotopic abundance of P=6.25% and a half-life of 4 million years?

For example, the principle of superposition is based, fundamentally, on gravity.

In order for a layer of material to be deposited, something has to be beneath it to support it.

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