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So I adapted a bit Ben's solution, and I add hidden text box, and update its value before calling the do Post Back method.

To implement that you need to add 4 "things" in your ASP. You need a textbox to store the value you want to pass over to the Update Panel, but you don't want to show it in the page, so it must be hidden via CSS.

Need Data Source Dim Conn String As String = Configuration Manager.

Connection String Dim conn As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection(Conn String) Dim adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter adapter.

Filter Expression), "", ""), New List(Of Employee)()) End Sub Public Shared Function Get Count(By Val filter Expressions As String) As Integer Dim count As Integer = 0 Using connection As New Sql Connection(Configuration Manager.

Connection String) Dim command As New Sql Command([String].

If you download the demo app, there is 50% you face a crash in less than 2 minutes of use.

Just take a look at the Tree View documentation they just say "hey you can use Data Binding and customize templates !

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However, i had issues as well, and what fixed it for me was to get the listview by id and calling refresh(), something like this: var list View = get View By Id(“pilot List”); list View.refresh(); you need to have access to page, but this is the idea.

" And don't be fooled by the images of the control themself if you look at the code when there is a checkbox in the listview sample screenshot, the checkbox is actually an image.

Those kind of things makes me very sad to stay polite Edit : actually, the documentation remains quite good.

I set the value on the hidden textbox but I do the postback on the button.

And finally, you are ready to update the contents of the Update Panel based on the value set by the javascript method on the client: This changes the text in the label inside the Update Panel with the value set in the hidden textbox and passed through by the async postback.

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