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It was lightweight, comfortable and freeing -- without any wires tying players to a PC, moving felt more natural and the experiences were immersive, from slaying zombies to feeding a mythical creature.

The updated Touch controllers were an improvement over the initial model, and developers had implemented an innovative solution to VR audio.

See Quest Workshop and Classroom Allocations for more details. They differ in the number of acquirable compute hours, amount of storage, and approval process.

Note that a compute hour is one hour of wall clock time on a single processor.

Upon approval, the allocation manager will be contacted directly.

The time frame for review decisions is dependent upon the type of allocation requested.

All types of research allocations are valid for one year and allow researchers to access Quest's job scheduling system and the Quest Analytics Nodes.

Developers have promised that it will be a powerful, self-contained headset capable of delivering the vision of VR that folks have been dreaming of for decades.Project Santa Cruz has left the pre-production phase.Oculus VR's powerful standalone headset is officially called Oculus Quest and it's due to hit the market in the spring of 2019 for 9 -- let's just call it an even 0. Oculus Quest has a display resolution of 1600x1440 per eye.For reference, 35,000 compute hours = 4 processors running for a year, and 500,000 compute hours = 46 processors running for a year.Note that there is no hard limit on compute hours as long as you have an active allocation.

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