Problem updating software mac os

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How can I update my Mac OSX 10.5.8 to 10.6 or higher when my computer tells me my computer is up to date?Hello, I am facing an issue since i updated the os from El Capitan to Sierra last night, when you open Excel or Word it shows an error report, "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close" I sent the report to Microsoft, Re Started the program, re started the computer but unfortunately its still not working, and it's kind of a bad situation since i use these apps at work almost everyday.Check the site for updates to Office 2016, and only install the updates from Microsoft.I have installed the Office 2016 for Mac Version, i downloaded this automatic update and installed it but still can't open any of these office apps to run the automatic update... or download the update and install directly, ofc from the Microsoft... We use Office 365 at work and have the latest Office 2016 for Mac installed.

Before embarking on a major OS upgrade, it would be wise, advisable and very prudent if you backup your current system to an external connected and Mac formatted Flash drive OR externally connected USB, Thunderbolt or Fire Wire 800, Mac formatted hard drive.If it's a Power PC Mac, it's already running the newest OS it can.If it's an Intel Mac, click here, install the DVD, and run Software Update.(92490)Choose About this Mac from the Apple menu and check the processor. This gives you basic info like what version of OS X your i Mac is running, the speed of your i Mac's CPU and how much RAM is installed. A larger window appears giving you a complete overview of your i Mac's hardware specs.So, you would need to check to see if you have software on your Mac that maybe older than, say, 2006 or older. If you have any commercial antivirus installed and/or hard drive cleaning apps installed on your Mac, like Mac Keeper, Clean My Mac, Tune Up My Mac, Mac Cleanse, would be a good time to completely uninstall this apps by doing a Google search to learn how to properly uninstall these types of apps.

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