Pro and cons of online dating

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Remember what I said about being able to talk to multiple people?Well this can also be a problem: boys talking to multiple girls.Expectation: Reality: Jet skiing, skydiving, roller coasters, dancing, you name it!Sometimes you can go on really fun dates with these guys! It doesn’t always have to be the typical “let’s go to Starbucks” (although I highly recommend a public place like this when meeting for the first time).[wp_ad_camp_1A big con to online dating is inconstancy and flakiness.Having apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge can serve for finding a relationship or can simply be a fun way to go on casual dates with people! You may not even know what kind of personalities you really click with until you meet them!There are multiple reasons why people try online dating and it can have both pros and cons; here are a few! On these apps, people can put pictures of themselves as well as a brief bio so viewers automatically have a basic idea if this would be a person they would be into and compatible with!Sometimes online dating can be a drag and a can feel like string of disappointments.

If someone wants a hookup, usually that is specified pretty quickly.If you want to take it slow and see where it goes, that is totally fine too!Many apps like Bumble also let you be more specific on indicating what you want and allows you to search for people who want the same thing.Kind of a big con of online dating is that many boys unfortunately use these apps to get laid plain and simple.They only see girls as an easy booty call; for many it can make them feel like an object and not a person that they want to get to know.

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