Pregnant and dating tv series

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Also, Billie has to work with Sullivan "Sully" Boyd, a fellow worker, which does not please Zack or James, as both think that Sully has a thing for pregnant women.Billie and Zack take instructional parenting classes separately due to their schedules.Meanwhile, Zack refuses to have sex with Billie after she tries to have sex with him, due to a very embarrassing reason.Billie tries to live vicariously through Zack and Davis by offering up dating advice to them.However, after the ratings slipped CBS elected not to renew the series and on May 18, 2010, made the cancellation official; the cancellation was part of CBS' decision to eliminate all of its Wednesday night comedies in favor of trying a Thursday-night block.

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Davis pretends to be Dave Grohl's younger brother to impress a girl.She soon finds out that she is pregnant, and decides to keep the baby.She must simultaneously deal with her boss and ex-boyfriend, James (Grant Show), who finds himself jealous of Zack.Abby ends up irritating Olivia after she sends a friend request to the latter on Facebook.Billie and Zack have their first big argument after Zack tries to surprise Billie by installing a low flow toilet.

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