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“You and your partner(s) make up your own rules without care for what is traditionally considered right or wrong.”Relationship anarchists are the “we don’t do labels” of the relationship community.

(Yet, ironically, they need a label to make that distinction.) They actively eschew any social norms when it comes to relationships, and don’t want to categorize their relationship as being open, monogamish, or anything else (even if it technically fits into those categories).

Whatever you decide is completely fine, as long as both you and your partner follow the agreed upon terms.

Ethical non-monogamy is the umbrella term for all relationship styles that aren’t strictly monogamous, including polyamory, open relationships, and all the terms to follow.

Coined by relationship guru nearly a decade ago, “monogamish” describes relationships that are, for the most part, monogamous, but allow for little acts of sexual indiscretion (with the partner’s knowledge).

This differentiates ENM from people who are simply liars or cheaters.

We don't want to get divorced because we still have scars from our past.” Since monogamy didn't work for many members of the previous generation, millennials are searching for other types of relationship formats. Millennials are leaving the church in droves," Saynt says. Many are rebelling against the principles we've been raised to believe were important to reach salvation." Since the current generation recognizes how often traditional marriages fail and don’t trust the church’s concept of marriage, “We've formed our own thinking on what love, commitment, and sex means to us, which opens the door for loving more than one person.” 3. "Hookup culture is the norm and people now feel they have options when a relationship doesn't work out," Saynt says.

"So, too, has the pool of potential partners increased.

have all provided people with a peek into the lifestyle.” Saynt believes increased visibility has let people know that polyamory is a valid relationship style.

Whatever the factors are, there’s no question society’s interest in polyamory isn’t a passing phase.

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