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, leaving many to wonder: When i Tunes goes, what happens to all your music? But it is carving up i Tunes' duties into four parts, giving Apple Music the bulk of the work.

It'll be a shock for loyal i Tunes users who, for 18 years, learned to rely on the app for everything from syncing their i Phones to building playlists and buying songs.

However, Apple is confident in your ability to teach yourself new tricks, as it channels you to .

Apple's shifting strategy may be jarring for longtime users, but music fits squarely into the tech giant's portfolio of premium experiences that keep loyal users invested in the brand's ecosystem.

In addition to speeding up these apps, Apple encourages you upgrade to the newest version for ongoing privacy and security updates.It'll support 4K HDR playback with Fair question, since Apple is spreading i Tunes functionality around.Apple Podcasts is pretty straightforward -- it's where you listen to and search for and subscribe to shows.Subscribers to your show using mobile podcast apps will receive new episodes and updates much faster than the time it will take the major directories to refresh.💡Tip: Subscribe to your own show in Apple Podcasts or your preferred mobile podcast app to monitor publishing and updates made in your Simplecast dashboard.

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