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DATING AND ONLINE DATING How many times have you given out your phone number to someone you just met and, as it turns out that they are creepy, or annoying, or both.

For the stand-alone option, prepaid phones eliminate the hassle of dealing with an extra phone bill while keeping your privacy completely secure.

That said, if ultimate privacy is your core goal, you’ll want to check with the specific Terms of Service with the particular app or phone carrier to better understand what data they do have or keep on you, and to whom (or what government agencies) it may be disclosed and under what circumstances.

Now that you have a general idea of what burner phones are, let’s explore the two main types…

Burner apps, such as Hushed (, are even more convenient, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of a “throwaway” phone without having to even buy one.

Simply install the app on your existing smartphone and you’re off to the races so to speak.

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