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This means that a potential predator cannot just sit in an online room and talk up every young adult that enters with ease.

Also positively, people are well aware of the risk of arrest when doing so as every state has a law on the books and TCAP is well known among adults at this juncture.

With our early work doing stings with local media, the issue came to national prominence.

That culminated in NBC's "To Catch a Predator" series where millions upon millions became aware of the widespread problem of adults attempting to sexually assault minors they met online.

We've been around a very, very long time now in terms of internet years.

If you have any need of material on the site for custody issues or the like, be sure to screenshot and save the material in question that you might need.

For requests of information, permission requests or anything else, feel free to email [email protected] a clear and concise write-up of what you want.

Negatively, this does mean that a determined adult wanting to molest kids can make use of technology to try to ensure that he's actually talking to a child.

It means the challenge of "patrolling" the internet for such activity is also far more difficult, given the immense explosion of social activity websites and apps that have popped up since the origins of our site.

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