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For both of these girls, their jobs don’t start off ideal.

Mariana’s issue is Speckulate is a boy’s club, and while there is one female team lead, Casey, it is clear that when it comes to software and engineering, Mariana is a minority.

With that in mind, they can’t always play the role of either the villain or be pushed to seem other.

Leading me to hope handled gun control and violence.

What I mean by that is, I hope the show doesn’t try to make Judge Wilson.

At least not because Callie’s passion inspired him to.

Something which weighs on her a bit, as she tries to get acclimated. Well, her issue is that she is a clerk for a conservative judge, who claims he doesn’t do judicial activism, and her fellow clerks are Rebecca and Ben. So, put those two together, and a judge Callie disagrees with fundamentally, you can see head-butting coming.

Oh, but we didn’t even talk about the place they live at!

Yes, we got a Black Lives Matter storyline, but with Callie hiding from Malika she is on the case, who knows how they may handle that. Considering Callie revealed to Marianna that she slept with Gael and didn’t keep that a secret, nor having sex with him twice, there is hope.

We had a bi-racial lesbian, a cop who came from a blue-collar background, two children of Latin descent, someone who was in the foster system, family members who were addicts, and so much more.

As noted above, we got Alice who is closeted to her folks, a disappointment in some ways, yet owns her own apartment building. Mind you, kind of fitting into a ho stereotype right now, but Gael deserves sexual liberation as much as anyone else.

For those who watched , you may remember the show had a fondness for love triangles.

Well, between Gael, Mariana, and Callie, there seemed to be the possibility of a love triangle.

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