Pension credit backdating rules

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Whether you can get the full amount is down to a number of factors.Those who are single will get paid a different figure than those who are part of a couple. This is an income-related benefit which is made up of two parts: Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit.When applying for guarantee credit, the government looks like your total income, and any savings/investments over £10,000, before making a decision.This is a reward for those with a modest income who have saved for April 2016 aren’t eligible for savings credit.If you’re still not eligible for the payments, there’s another option.

You must live in England, Scotland, or Wales in order to qualify for pension credit, and - previously - you or your partner must have reached state pension age.

Pension credit comes down to your guarantee credit and savings credit.

This is for single pensioners with a weekly income (including pension) below £167.25.

If in a partnership, you must have both reached the state pension age by that date.

Couples can now only start claiming if BOTH partners have reached the state pension age.

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