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But I think it is a good idea that this site is attempting to do such a thing.It shows that the Asatru community is indeed growing and becoming more recognized.

No matter which state you’re in, or which city, you may have a particular fancy that can only be satisfied with the companionship of a particular type of woman.

I actually do have a few bisexual heathen friends, so they would be a bit put off by this restriction.

You can also only list a male or female gender, but what if someone identifies as a different gender orientation than either of those options?

But that’s okay, if everyone on the site is okay with each woman having 3 men to herself, I’m sure everything will be just fine! For the rest, you could always try your luck putting together a ship, a crew, and making your way across the ocean as Leif Ericson did long ago (or do something far less epic, like just buying a plane ticket or sit around waiting for the invention of teleportation devices).

(Okay…this date actually looks a little awkward…) Those in the United States will get the best odds, as most of the people I found were U. When you build your profile, you are given the typical dating site options: are you seeking male or female, are you divorced, single in an open relationship, etc. We’re gonna have to see other people.”) My main criticism is that the profile options need to give you a blank field where you can write in your own response if the preexisting responses don’t apply.

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