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I ran into this exact issue recently when using a Combo Update for Mac OS X on a particular machine getting it up to date with OS X 10.11.6.Strangely, the verifying process failed and multiplied itself nearly a dozen times, which unsurprisingly didn’t work at all.| permission, a live changes feed in one tab or background process may not detect changes made in another tab/process.It will of course still report those changes upon the next change that it does detect. If you are on windows and getting any error messages mentioning leveldown and Python, please attempt the steps below.The very first step should be to re-download the pkg or dmg in question, and always get it from a trusted source (for example, get the installer or update directly from the developer and never from a third party downloads site).If you know the installer package is legitimate, completely downloaded, and not corrupt through hash verification or otherwise, proceed as usual.Mac users may find that a system update, installer, or package (pkg) can get completely stuck in a verification sequence, with a pop-up alert that says “Verifying ‘name.pkg’…” while showing the Gatekeeper icon and a progress bar that never updates.

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Chances are that your server runs inside a virtual machine.

a troubleshooting guide for merely slow verifications or for those who are simply impatient, this is only for cases where “verifying” process is completely halted and not working at all, thereby preventing the intended installer from running.

If you aren’t sure if the “Verifying” process is stuck on the Mac, open the package, disk image, or installer file as usual and let the verification procedure run for a while, it can take many minutes or longer to complete.

Assuming the .pkg, .dmg, or installer app is legitimate and still stuck on “verifying” then here is what you can do to force it to run: The package installer should now work just fine, whether it’s a software update for Mac OS, a third party app, or whatever else was stuck in the verifying stage.

This seems to happen most often with installers that are run from a mounted disk image, but it can occur with downloaded updates as well.

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