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Six men and one woman were arrested in Florida for allegedly luring two teenage boys to a trailer — where one of the teens was used as a “sex slave” for a year, Florida authorities announced Monday. Petersburg Police Department began a monthslong human trafficking investigation last May when they were informed that a missing 17-year-old boy from Louisiana was found at a mobile home in St. Police believe that the defendants lured the boy through Discord, an online gaming platform that lets users chat directly with each other.

Listening to Salzman’s questions, it became clear that she was positing that these issues — Jacqueline’s fear of flying; her belief that her mother was forced into a terrible life by her father; and her inability to be an independent woman — were connected.

“A great part of being a woman is no matter how you screw up your life, you can always move back in with your dad.

Every time you have chosen to stay dependent, you have made a decision not to be independent.” What if she became the person she relied on?

Her tasteful home was surrounded by other Nxivm members’ modest townhouses or capacious stone mansions that seemed to spring up out of nowhere, like mushrooms, on the suburban streets.

In Salzman’s den, a photo of her with her two adult daughters hung on a wall, the three of them wearing smiles as wide as ancient Greek masks of comedy; the same happy photo served as the wallpaper on Salzman’s laptop.

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