Obsessive dating behavior

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I like him very much and would like to try to keep this one and become intimate eventually on a healthy level. I have been in constant pain for the past year now and I want to get back to who I was before; A very confident, self-sufficient and happy woman.

Could it be physiological or childhood traumas that are re-surfacing?

You can’t relax or trust in your own goodness, even when you find someone who does appear to love you, becuase you can’t control him really – he might be too good to be true, or he might go away.

I’ll bet that a lot of the obsessiveness you are experiencing stems from you somehow needing a man’s approval of you before you believe that you are valuable.

After 8 months of disaster, and 2 months to heal myself, I met a guy who I fell head over Heels for.

I almost became a doormat even if he told me that he was not in love with me I kept on hoping that he would change.

It’s purely a matter of willpower that keeps us in touch with our family and friends because, if truth be known, he or she is the only person we want to be with.Interactions are based on a pre-written script that requires an often-unsuspecting partner to memorize the lines and never alter them.There is a constant expectation of reassurance and an intense focus in the relationship that doesn’t subside regardless of the length of time the relationship has endured or the amount of time spent together.The chemistry of the initial attraction is replaced by a conscious assessment of how the other person’s vision and values mesh with ours.Whether or not the relationship deepens into something substantial and long-lasting depends on how suitable we are for each other as life partners.

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