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Exact measures are not really necessary for this recipe. However, to give you some idea of proportions we used roughly one third of each ingredient, with perhaps a few extra dates to make the mix a bit more sticky. We used Infinity Foods Select Dates, Infinity Foods Organic Cranberries and Organic Walnuts. We recommend using the pulse mode so that the fruit is more evenly chopped.

Then gradually add the walnuts, once again, using pulse mode. The mix should resemble moist cake crumbs or broken Christmas Pudding.

It takes a moment for your tastebuds to realize that a nut has turned, but then it's clear you have a problem.

Slices can be cut whenever you like and eaten on their own or with other food.

The only sweetness comes from the fruit itself so you won't need to add any sugar.

We used Infinity Foods Organic Cranberries, which are naturally sweetened with apple juice and have a small amount of sunflower oil to aid packing.

These together with the dates provide enough moisture to help the log mix stick together.

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