Ntpdate not updating time

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For India it would be: Your system is not getting NTP responses back from the server you have listed, that's what the "INIT" means under the "refid" column: it is still in the INITialization state—sending out packets to get an INITial reading of the time.

Ping may work, but it could be that a firewall is blocking NTP (123/udp) packets between your machine and the one you're trying to reach.

Ping (and traceroute) are simply there to debug IP-level connectivity: they do nothing to test transport-level (TCP, UDP) service availability / reachability.

Visit Stack Exchange In my case I was running a Ubuntu on a virtualbox and had saved the machine state so when I started the instance back up again it did not automatically sync the clock since there was no boot event to trigger the sync.

GMT" and the date utility sets the correct time but changes it to "...Then as the VM would stay stuck in the same bad skew, I tried rebooting it to see if it would restore it to a decent state.It did, after reboot ntpd got the right date and ntpdate showed a small skew : That solves my problem, it's a pity that I didn't manage to find the reason to share here for people with the same problem in the future.I decided to check in the host machine, and it also had a big skew.This time ntpdate worked as expected and ntpd running and active in chkconfig will keep things working in the long run.

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