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Try to look past what people are saying and get the intention behind it – and remember they’re just words.Other Ways to Look at Life The thing is, none of us really know why we’re here or what the point of life is.It’s all about the journey of getting there and about the fun you have on the way and not really what you actually achieve as you can’t take it with you.

And as you take things seriously you will likely be hurt by this too.

And if you see the funny side, and the fun side in everything that happens, then suddenly life becomes a lot more pleasant and you’ll find you can get value out of anything.

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It’s important to recapture some youthful imagination and to enjoy playing around with life and having fun.

Some people also just struggle not to take things literally and might struggle with jokes or games simply because they are taking them at face value (this actually may be a symptom of ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder).

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