Not returning phone calls dating

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It Doesn’t Matter If She’s Not Into You So she’s not returning your phone calls or showing other signs of interest. The Art of Charm teaches men to cultivate an abundance mentality.What this means is that you act as if you have a smartphone filled with women who are interested in you, as well as attractive, interesting and successful. Time: Your Most Precious Resource We all only have so much time on this planet.

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If you want to learn more about what to do when she’s not returning your calls, sign up for The Art of Charm Academy.

Start training yourself to think in these terms: There are tons of great women out there. Rather than spending it trying to get someone to be interested in you, we advise that you use your time to find people who are interested in you.

Both your time and your energy are better spent moving on and finding someone else.

It's not a great frame for men to be in, which is why we short-circuit it when we first meet a woman by disqualifying ourselves during the attraction phase. That's why it's so important to qualify her when you first meet, so she feels comfortable with your interest in her, but it does mean that you might feel a little bit of "back to square one" on the telephone. Some women are taught "not to call guys." Yes, it's pretty silly, but there is just as much silly dating advice for women as there is for men (both you and I are lucky that we found Love Systems).

It's exciting for her, and built into millennia of social programming. You can give up, of course, and focus your energies on new women.

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