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It is combated, punished, and exterminated as 'the alien out there' instead of being dealt with as one's own inner problem." -- Erich Neumann, *Depth Psychology and a New Ethic* The qualities in ourselves that we deny or dislike are often the very qualities that we most bitterly complain about in other people.So for instance, an old friend of mine named Mark had a special disgust for friends who were unavailable to him when he really needed them. READ THE REST OF "SHADOW SCHOOL" HOW TO KICK YOUR OWN ASS How-to-kick-your-own-ass lessons are available at of this video.Psychologist Carl Jung referred to it as the shadow.He regarded it as the lead that the authentic alchemists of the Middle Ages sought to transmute into gold.Here's a corollary to Christ's injunction to love thy neighbor as thyself: "I will love the dark, difficult side of my neighbor -- not just the attractive, friendly side -- and I will encourage it to express itself in constructive ways." WANT TO GET YOUR PERSONAL ASTROLOGICAL CHART READ? Ro utilizes a blend of well-trained intuition, emotional warmth, and technical proficiency in horoscope interpretation.

You can only go upward by first going downward." —James Broughton WHERE YOU STUMBLE "It is by going down into the abyss that you recover the treasures of life," wrote Joseph Campbell.

You'd prefer to ignore it because it's unflattering or uncomfortable or very different from what you imagine yourself to be.

If you acknowledge its existence at all (many of us don't), you might call it the devil, your evil twin, your inner monster, or your personal demon.

But I was witness to him engaging in the same behavior three different times, disappearing from the lives of his friends just when they needed him most. How-to-kick-your-own-ass lessons are also available at of this video. WEEDS CAN BE GOOD It turns out that some weeds are good for flowers and vegetables, protecting them from predatory insects.

"Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event," said Jung. So say horticulturalists Stan Finch and Rosemary Collier, writing in Biologist magazine.

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