Norton spyware scan not updating

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Our STAR team monitors malicious code reports from more than 130 million systems across the Internet, receives data from 240,000 network sensors in more than 200 countries and tracks more than 25,000 vulnerabilities affecting more than 55,000 technologies from more than 8,000 vendors. The technology collaborates and operates more efficiently and effectively to discover if a given situation is malicious or not.

As each technology learns different things about a process or a file, it will share what it learns with the other technologies.

Naturally they might block any scanner that would label their toolbar a threat causing you to un-install their money maker. A coffee cup ICON in your Control Panel would indicate YES. I'd include a link to it BUT correct version depends on OS/SP patch level. Their site auto detects which you have & selects Java as 1st choice if you have Sun's (or you can manually choose).

There are plenty of trustworthy FREE protections available without having to submit to such intrusion. Unfortunately you ignored the sentences in RED at top of page so I can only guess at further help as you don't say your OS, SP level, other protection programs, etc. Java scan is 1/2 the time compared w/ Active-X one.

Once this patch is applied, Windows 7 customers can apply the latest Windows Update pa... This app is available to Windows 10S customers from the MSFT App Store. We are happy to announce the release of Norton Mobile Security 4.6 for Android customers.

We are happy to announce the release of Norton Secure VPN 2.6 for our Windows customers. To receive the update, simply visit Norton Mobile Security for Android Note: This is a phased release.

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