Norman reedus dating cecilia

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She's even younger than me and I thought being 22 was super young to have a 'celeb crush' on a 44 year old. All you people saying this is "OK", just wait until your 19 year old fresh faced little angel comes home with some 45 year old grizzled old man. I don't pretend to understand NR's way of thinking, I don't know this man, I'm just one of many who lusts after him and likes to watch his work and overall he seems like a pretty decent guy, but the one commonality that I do have with him is that we are the same age and both have boys who are 13, and that fact is what makes this relationship so perplexing for me. Sorry Norman Reedus fans, but there is something very big wrong with him and it's not sweet or cute or worthy of your adoration and rabid fan protection. Like Oprah says "Once someone shows you who they are, believe them".

Or are they just good friends having fun and flipping the bird figuratively at the media?He is still hot but just cant look at him the same now. All of this can be found with a simple internet search.You are correct she graduated from Benjamin Franklin HS in 2011. And the reason her parents dont mind her dating a 44 year old is because he is rich & famous. She's a "model" but must not be a working one because she is constantly in GA. How sweet, (and I hate that I have this info stored in my brain, but..) that means their birthdays are only a day apart, it must be fate!before becoming famous and infamous, and confirmed to “Absolutely, and you have to be really savvy to do it.There was a lot of temptation in terms of drugs back then.

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