Nepa requirements for updating an ea

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NEPA was the first major environmental law in the United States and is often called the "Magna Carta" of Federal environmental laws.

Section 102(2) contains "action-forcing" provisions to make sure that federal agencies act according to the letter and spirit of the Act.NEPA's success has not been limited to domestic environmental issues, it has since been replicated throughout the world.Countries and non-governmental organizations all over the globe have created their own EIA programs, modeled upon NEPA, making NEPA an international catalyst in the field of environmental protection.This Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) memorandum, issued 6 March 2012, provides guidance on the opportunities available in the regulations implementing NEPA in an efficient and timely manner.This guidance clarifies that many of the NEPA regulations specifically referring to Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) provide efficiencies that can also be used by Federal agencies when preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA).

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