Myspace dating layouts

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go-to when people decide it's time to meet someone new.

One advantage to it all being on the Internet, though, is that we can discover what works—do people really respond to the things they claim are important to them?

You can input the links into your profile manually, or use the Streakr toolbar to add links to your profile and vote on them.

Images that show a little bit of personality depth, however, do tend to generate more conversation than those stereotypical photos.

According to OKCupid, the average chance that message will lead to a back-and-forth discussion is at about 27 percent, but a photo of a person doing something interesting (say, playing an instrument, playing a sport, crafting something, etc.) is much higher at a hair over 40 percent.

Vivek, over at Startup Squad, recently discovered a new social network and social networking meta search engine, Streakr. The new engine lets you search the profiles on the major networks (My Space, Hi5, Bebo, and Facebook) as well at it’s own social network.

It appears to be a hook to draw people into their main service, like Wink did when they launched their own profile search and Rapleaf had with Up Scoop.

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