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It’s the kind of thinking that exasperates Murdoch Stephens, who’s just finished a nationwide tour drumming up support for the “Doing Our Bit” campaign to double the refugee quota.

Globally, the average wait for refugees before they’re resettled is 17 years, he says, and any potential threat is more likely to come from someone on a business, tourist or student visa, which involves far less scrutiny.

The millions of Muslim refugees streaming into Europe are the lucky ones, Stephens says, because they’ve had the money and resources to get that far.

And despite the public’s misconceptions, none of them will be on the next plane to Auckland.

Biometric data is shared between the “Five Eyes” countries (New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the UK and Australia) and anyone with a red flag – such as a possible link to human rights abuses or a family member who is a combatant – is excluded or deprioritised until it can be shown they don’t pose a threat.

Even if the risk of a radical slipping through was slight, they said, what mattered most was keeping New Zealand safe.

A few weeks later, that didn’t seem quite so far-fetched when three Islamist militants blew themselves up in Brussels, killing 32 bystanders and wounding more than 300.

“Instead of sending lifeguards to greace [sic] they should put the hat around to build machine gun turrets on the coast and blow them all to fuckery,” wrote Paul, on the website for the TV3 news show , which ran a piece on the fundraising campaign.

“If you don’t stand and fight for your own country then you deserve to lose it,” wrote Lesley – to the outrage of Alisa, who posted drone footage shot over Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, showing block after block of utter destruction. “Will you have any empathy,” she fired back, “when one of those terrorists blows up something in NZ and hundreds/thousands are killed?

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