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It took several months, but Microsoft finally has released an official fix for the issue of images not showing on forms and reports in MS Access 2016.It can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site at: It took a few extra days, but the fix has finally been ported to the Click-to-Run editions as well. A Move Next may take you to the end of the recordset (EOF) or a Move Previous to the beginning of the recordset (BOF). Record Count will always be at least 1 if records exist.

If you move some or all of your linked tables to a different location, you must either delete your linked tables and relink them or update the location information before you can open the tables.The utility opens a dialog box that displays all the linked tables in your database.Simply select the check boxes for the ones that you think need to be verified and updated, and then click OK.You can still click OK to open the linked table in Design view.You can open a linked table in Design view to change the Format, Decimal Places, Caption, Description, and Input Mask property settings for any field.

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