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For this topic the same project example from previous MS Project 2010 articles is utilized—preparation for a hospital accreditation visit.The focus is on screenshots of the primary task and subtasks of the maintenance department as they update the hospital’s physical plant for inspection.But don’t refer to them unless you need to convince people of the thoroughness and accuracy of what you’ve presented.Accurately measuring the progress of a project is always a challenge.In Microsoft Project, baselines are never really changed; if you try to update a baseline you just delete the information it contained.Unless you want to clear your baseline and reset it, simply choose another of your 11 baselines for an update.

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So far, I have created a custom flag and set those tasks I want to auto run as "yes." Now, I need the appropriate formula to automatically update % complete based on current date for the life of the project. The most straightforward way to do what you want is to run the "Update Project" dialog (assuming you're using the desktop client.) I.e.: 1.A project update is, by nature, a summary, not an exhaustive, in-depth presentation.You can always attach any number of slides at the end of your presentation — charts and graphs and raw data that you used to arrive at your conclusions.You, as the project manager, will find baselines a useful way to document the shift in budgeting—in terms of money carved out of the budget as well as dedicated hours of labor.Microsoft Project actually lets you “take your project’s temperature" 11 times throughout its duration.

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