Ms access turn off screenupdating

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I strongly suggest setting the hourglass on whenever you turn warnings off.

Should you sometime forget to turn warnings back on, the hourglass is a visual reminder that they are off.

it doesn't stop execution of any other code, like a modal userform would).

You could just make the label display a message like 'Pleaes wait...', but if you are iterating through a list or number of records or something, you could use the label to update the number of records or the name of the current record for example.

Say you wanted to show the name of the current record being updated/actioned, you can do the following: Where str Record Name (just as an example) is a variable holding the persons name of that record.

If the person was "John Citizen" and this is stored in the variable str Record Name, the userform will show, "Updating record for John Citizen...".

If you want to display a messge rather than an hour-glass, here is a method I use a lot in Excel that I'm sure would work in MS Access. Just before you need to use it, display the userform using: This will ensure the userform is running modless (i.e.

I close it off at the end of my macro with an "unload userform2" command.With warnings on, Access will ask you if you want to save.With warnings off, Access will simply discard the changes without asking.The Echo action doesn't suppress the display of modal dialog boxes, such as error messages, or pop-up forms, such as property sheets.You can use dialog boxes and pop-up forms to gather or display information, even if echo is turned off.

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