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There's another super realistic relationship in the film: that of Mark and Vanessa, the couple who adopts Juno's baby.They break up before the baby is born because one of them just isn't ready for parenthood.and then gets mad when he reciprocates by asking someone else to Prom.Being confused about your feelings and being unable to deny them, in the end, is so relatable, especially for teens, since we can all remember being that age and having no clue what to do with our feelings.Seeming perfect from the outside while struggling also happens a lot in life!With so many relationships in one movie, there are bound to be a few that were actually pretty spot on.

deals with the story of a sixteen-year-old girl, Juno Mac Guff, who finds out she’s pregnant after sleeping with her friend Paulie Bleeker.It would be nice if we had romantic relationships like the ones we see in movies.If we’re being honest, we could all use a few Jack Dawsons and Noah Calhouns around here.may be totally unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean that the main (and strained) relationship between Daniel and his ex-wife Miranda doesn't have a grain of truth.Your ex-husband probably won’t ever dress up as a nanny in order to get around his court-ordered custody rights, but Miranda and Daniel's divorce is, of course, realistic and possible.

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