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They discuss the relationship between physical distance and psychological distance, and how modern technology has changed the way we communicate.Thalma then talks about how vertical position and size relate to power.In Season 5, they spent more time together, and ended up kissing one night.

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Chris and Thalma talk about the parallels between these scientific findings and the language we use to describe people, places, and things.

In Season 5, it was revealed that she was a lesbian.

Alex first appeared in Season 3 as school bully and “bad boy” Jay Hogart’s equally rebellious girlfriend.

During this time, Alex encouraged Paige to date guys, only to become jealous and eventually confess to Paige that she loved her and that she had only encouraged her to date guys because she didn’t want to see Paige with another woman.

By the end of the season, Alex and Paige patched things up between them and were dating at the start of Season 7.

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