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He was still a person, and I would feel bad if I didn’t give him a chance just because he had a kid. However, I learned there was another child later on, an infant only six months old.I had to do the math because something wasn’t adding up.You will never fully get to experience or enjoy your relationship if there’s always a third party stirring the pot.It is also important to set boundaries with him involving his child.He will make time for you if he’s truly invested in getting to know you.But NEVER think it’s okay to put him in a position where he has to choose between spending time with his kid or quality time with you.

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If it’s just casual dating, then you need to remember that you are just dating him.It’s only fair to be straightforward instead of dropping bombs later because some people may not be okay with dating people with children.When dating a guy with kids, find out what kind of package deal he comes with.Plus, the child’s mother may not be happy about a complete stranger being around their child so closely.Also, be sure to observe what type of father he is. Does he make being a father a full-time job or is he a part-time dad? When you see what type of father he is, it allows you to see him in a different light.

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