Mcafee problems updating file definition

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Virus definition or DAT files contain up-to-date virus signatures and other information that our anti-virus products use to protect your computer against millions of computer viruses and other potentially harmful software in circulation. - Restarts the software components needed to continue scans with your new DAT files.5.

Download the XDAT file to the temporary directory from our website. The installer then does the following: - Unloads Mc Afee memory-resident software or stops services that use your current DAT files.

3) At bottom of this window click the ‘new task’ button. 5) Select TYPE: ’Product Deployment’ -or- ’Product Update’ for updating definition DAT file 6) TAGS: leave at default ‘send this task to all computers’ 7) On the ‘Target Platforms’ window, select Product & Component picklist and then locate your software program on the list and select it (product will be in pick list if it has already gone through the EPO checked-in procedure).

8) ACTION: Install DO NOT CHECK -¿ Run at every policy enforcement, if you select this option the policy will update every 5 minutes and choke the network.

9) SCHEDULE TYPE: – do NOT use ‘run immediately’ if some computers are powered off as those machines will miss the update.

I don't have any experience with e Policy Orchestrator and I need to push out an antivirus and antispyware update to all the workstations quickly prior to an audit.

I searched Mc Afee's website and Googled it as well as searching Experts-Exchange.

No luck finding a step by step process for pushing out an update. Greatly appreciate any help :-) Very easy to do, simply create an update task from within e Po saying update all products Then set it to run immediately, and then wake up all agents by choosing system tree, change the group drop down to this group and all subgroups, check all machines and click wake up agents Make sure you have checked the updates in to the master repository first Cheers Si Thank you for the reply.

5) Select NEW TASK button at the bottom of the window. 6) From TYPE Drop Down menu: This pick list is where you select the action, choose PRODUCT DEPLOYMENT even for an AV update.

Leave default radio button checked next to the TAGS section, ‘Send this task to all computers’ since you only highlight one PC at the beginning of this process there will only be one machine receiving this update.

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