Married men dating other men

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s even the evolutionary psychologists will tell you, though, life isn’t just chemicals.

Cultural and social attitudes come in and sweep everything off the table, Heneson says.

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One friend had lamented the Internet’s effect on his life. I think that’s pathetic what I do, a healthy, successful, upbeat kind of guy. His wife has some idea of his sexual needs, and doesn’t really want to know more.

One man told me that when his wife wasn’t available, he snuck out to massage parlors in a primal state or watched porn.

There is today an extensive literature on revitalizing sexuality in marriage.

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And when women realize it, will it change the way they view their colleagues, bosses, husbands, and boyfriends? Erick Janssen of the Kinsey Institute has written, Relatively large numbers of married men and women indicate using the Internet for sexual purposes but the impact of this on marriages has, as yet, not received much research attention.He spoke of acts he observed online that his wife wouldn’t do.It’s painful to say, but that’s your boys’ night out, and it takes an enlightened woman to say that.However, you can set boundaries for what you will and will not accept.If he’s not willing to honor your boundaries, you’ll need to decide if this relationship is worth continuing.

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