Love dating and marriage book

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But for better or worse, that’s not reality: this book is a must-buy for anyone dealing with overbearing, controlling, or critical in-laws, which can have a devastating effect on an otherwise strong marriage. ) reading this book with your spouse will at least teach you coping mechanisms and communication techniques, so the two of you can reclaim your relationship.

When you’re in a lack luster marriage, it’s easy to think divorce is the answer.

Communication is key in all marriages and this book by Dr.

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This is an oldie, but goodie—originally published in 1988, it’s still one of the top relationship books marriage therapists recommend to help couples develop a mature, supportive relationship.

Plus, it’s a great excuse for some much needed couple-time.

Who says reading a book with your spouse can’t be fun?

Davis provides useful suggestions on how to break through a sexual stalemate.

This is Gottman’s most recent relationship book, and it’s no surprise it’s an instant hit.

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