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Big Commerce for Word Press plugin features include bulk listing, automatic inventory synching, and fulfillment management.

If you’re thinking about adding ecommerce functionality to your Word Press website, the Big Commerce for Wordpress plugin is definitely worth a look.

To help you save time, we’ve highlighted some of the plugin’s most powerful features based on what we hear working with small business owners every day.

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What’s the best way to entice customers to spend more?It’s likely the move is designed to 1) control expenses by limiting what has to be massive amounts of money spent on free shipping and handling shipping and returns 2) give shoppers yet another easy and convenient way to shop for glasses as well as 3) continue to be on the leading edge of technology and hipper than their competitors who offer a similar experience and product at a lower price such as Zenni Optical or David Kind.Warby Parker has built a business and a brand around shipping glasses to your home free-of-charge, giving you a chance to try them on and only pay for what you keep.One of the biggest benefits to the Big Commerce for Word Press plugin is its intuitive dashboard—making it super easy to upload and sync product uploads, manage checkout settings, and more—all from within Word Press.With Customizer, you can quickly change button and text colors to blend with your brand colors—creating a seamless experience for your current and prospective customers.

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