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However, while it is often stories about older and more senior men and women that capture the public's imagination, loneliness is by no means limited to this age group.

In one part of his living room there is half a wall dedicated to pictures and portraits of his beautiful wife Marguerite who died from cancer in 2007 having being diagnosed only three months previously.Humans must tangle with each other, you know, and explore new horizons.That is where the internet dating helps but I've put off my trip to Thailand for too long. I'm off in the new year and I'm really looking forward to it.' Carla Boonkong, a researcher and magazine writer in Bangkok, who has studied extensively the phenomenon of Thai woman marrying Europeans men including UK men.'I just like to chat and see photos, there are maybe three or four that I have got to know quite well and that is why I am going on my holiday to Thailand next year.I'm a bit excited by it now.' Paul tells us his life has become comfortable and he doesn't feel as lonely.

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