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It’s probably older than I am.”This eavesdropping scare is over now that Apple has disabled group chats, but the problem could dog the company for much longer.

The bug allowed callers to activate another person’s microphone remotely even before the person has accepted or rejected the call.James said her office’s review will include a “thorough investigation into Apple’s response.”Last October, Apple introduced the 32-person video conferencing feature for i Phones, i Pads and Macs.With the bug, a Face Time group-chat user calling another Apple device could hear audio — even if the receiver didn’t accept the call.They left comments on Twitter, one of them directed to CEO Tim Cook, and uploaded a video to walk Apple engineers through the problem.But it wasn’t until a tech blog reported the flaw earlier this week — leading many people to experiment with the spying bug themselves — that Apple took the unusual measure of temporarily shutting down the group-chat feature.

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