Listen to a radio programme about speed dating

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This will at least tell you if your radio is properly connected to your network and to the interent.

If another station works then you know your radio is properly connected and the fault probably lies with an interruption to the station broadcast.

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This week Skills Centre Tutors, Caroline, Kristina, Patricia and Craig are joined by Brenda Nestor of the Career Service and Scotty Walsh, of the Department of Theatre who delivers on the Skills Centre SPEAK programme.

The router firmware is the operating system of your router and like the operating system on your computer, fixes and updates are also made available.

Prices are ordered from lowest to highest, irrespective of retailer rating, delivery price or stock.

If your web connection and your Wi-Fi connection are fine then there are still a number of reasons why you may see this message.

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Retro-styled DAB radios are one of the most popular types of radio. selects the top five radios for 2019 from our rigorous testing, with DAB, internet, alarm clock and cheap radios to choose from, including top brands such as Roberts, Pure and John Lewis.

You'll also see this message if your radio can't see your internet connection or your broadband speed to too low.

Make sure your internet connection is alive and well and you have sufficient bandwidth available to you. Can you listen to the same station you're trying to tune on your computer through the Pure Connect website? If you can’t then you need to investigate your radio’s wireless connection to your router.

You'll see this message if your radio can't see a particular station.

The first thing to try is tuning to another station.

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