Lesbian friend dating lovers

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It was like our friendship had evaporated over night.We couldn’t hang out anymore; there were too many feelings involved (at least on my end).Having a best friend involves so many expectations, many of which are delusional or unfounded. What I realize is that, at least in Season 1, Skylar is essentially tormented by her best friendship.

Then you finally do tell her, and she has nothing to say back.As for questions of how it will change your friendship — in either scenario, whether she’s also into you or not — this is also not really a factor you can plan for.You might be able to work through it if you’re on different pages and get to a really healthy place and it could make your friendship stronger; it might also not be something you can ever really return to a time before. ) think you know how you would deal with that eventuality, you could be wrong; we surprise ourselves.For a year, I wallowed in ultimate sadness and tried to be my own best friend—I gave myself advice, ate pizza alone, and even prank called myself. Eventually, college ended and I stopped living next door to the person who was tormenting my soul. There was really nothing to say to each other anymore.I stopped seeing her everyday, I stopped obsessing over her and I stopped having class with her. It was such a relief to move away from her, and it was horrible at the same time.

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