Leisha hailey and liz feldman dating

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The cast and crew (many of them women, unlike on many film and television sets) observed as Moennig, Hailey, Laurel Holloman and Mia Kirshner rehearsed a short exterior scene in the tony neighborhood of West Hollywood before shooting. And by “met” I mean that I tripped as I stepped into the van, nearly tumbling into her lap, prompting her to sweetly ask, “Are you OK?” Kirshner is even more distractingly beautiful in real life than on the show, so I even fumbled my “Yes, thank you” in response.Well, it looks like we'll be playing the "Dating Game" on who will end up with who.Will Alice be with the TW-Will Tasha be with the TW--or Will Tasha and Alice be sensible and stay together?What I love about this interview is how honest Rose is when Liz asks her about how she felt about The L Word ending... in Los Angeles to interview Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig, it was a typically scorching October day.It was as if I were in a parallel universe in which Max and Tina had gotten over themselves and just talked about the weather.

Sasha's professional resume includes: Casting, Below The Line, Producer, Wardrobe..

but how come that she is straight and all her friends are gay? [/i]That's the gayest photo ever.[i] a 'straight' girl she sure does hang around Leisha a lot, outside of the set and at lesbian friendly places. i really wanna know if she is single or she is dating someone and i really don't care if they are males or females If you go to and look up kate Moennig it tells you that she is straight. Its a little late but I just happened on this site today, so maybe someone else will need a nudge to the correct info.

i mean she is friend to amanda moore , francesca gregorini , clea duvall,leisha hailey ??? Not that that necessarily means much...[/i]Well Leisha and Erin Daniel were friend doesn't mean ED is gay, although KM is still gay as the day is long. You're haters, to say that Kate is ugly and unknown.

No idea about Sasha, but by the looks of it, she should be at home studying for the SATs. Just because somebody is more beautiful and talented than you, is not a reason to talk smack about them.

Get off your high horse, and appreciate Kate for who she is.

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