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In the opening scene, Penny's non-tactful chatterbox ended her relationship with clumsy, bespectacled boyfriend Ted King (Perry Bullington) when she criticized his bedroom love-making abilities (Virginia asked: "You call that a f--k? Wisecracking Virginia identified herself: "It's me, your own little chatterbox," and soon her insults caused Ted to leave her because he felt sexually "inadequate."At the hair salon where she worked for effeminate salon owner-boss Mr.Jo (comedian Rip Taylor), Penny expressed her concerns to co-worker Linda Ann (Cynthia Hoppenfeld).They also forced her to operate a spinning wheel that pleasured them with corncob vibrators (orgasms produced popcorn! During a blindfolded orgy at the castle, the Prince (Brett Smiley) made love to a mysterious sex-partner that had been the best fit for him.However, she had fled from him when the hour came that she would be returned to her ordinary circumstances.] Then during a cross-country tour, she created a sensation at other locales including the singing the national anthem at a major league baseball game (Virginia sported different costumes, one of which was a self-adhesive feathered bikini).Penny also was forced to pose for naked photographs, and felt ignored as the photographers zeroed in on Virginia.

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The computer eventually imprisoned her in the electronically-controlled and voice-activated environment of a house laboratory, and took over the house computer control system named "Alfred." Its main component was a rudimentary robot (named Joshua) which consisted of a wheelchair with a prosthetic metallic arm and hand, with binoculars as eyes and a laser-beam weapon.Director Donald Cammell's sci-fi horror film, with a screenplay derived from Dean R.Koontz's novel, contained one of the most bizarre and disturbing 'violation by a machine' rape scenes in cinema history.Although director Hamilton faced charges of child pornography, he went on to direct other tales of scantily-clad young teen females coming of age with the same style of soft-focus film-making, including: Director Tom De Simone and American International Pictures (AIP) quietly released this unusual, inoffensive and non-sleazy R-rated sex comedy about a chatty set of genitals.The frequent topless nudity was presented very casually and naturally (while her nether regions were never exposed), thereby deflating any charges of exploitation.

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