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When Julia and Edie exited a show (forget which one) in Paris, they were welcomed by a bunch of journalist and camaramen.Now she has to deal with Nobis during shows and for that Prada A/W 2016 ad and also Cara too Atleast she's chill with Cat now.Although Freja seems a lot smoother with women than Nobis is Oh that video.kay whatever bitch" while smiling cause it wasn't that crowded anyway lol.FOR ME, SHE' S COMPLETELY UNKNOWN, AND IN THIS INTERVIEW SHE SAID THAT SHE LIVES ALONEAT PARIS, NEVER MENTION ABOUT HER SEXUAL PREFERENCES, IS SHE GAY??Yeah Freja's the smooth "I don't need to try" type and "all I have to do is talk to girls with my hot accent and deep voice and they will be all over me" type while Nobis is always being cute and touchy feely hahaha.Although Freja seems a lot smoother with women than Nobis is Hello again, new Argentinian fan.She lived together with Freja in a town house and they have a dog, so they practically married I guess.

Cat Mc Neil (broke up cos Cat was cray back then and cheated on Freja with RR)2.She's a little gay too if you look at all her comments on Ruth Bell's pictures.I love Edie too, she is one of the models that look better in suit than Freja.Irina Lazareanu (people refuse to believe because Irina had bf/fiance at that time)2.Daria Werbowy (doubtful she has anything with Freja, but they are friends)Straight friends who were shipped with Freja:1.

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