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Their mother's death was a sore point as Jay still harbors some lingering resentment over the fact that Will was not around during that time and "out partying" (presumably to get over his ex-girlfriend).

For example, his apartment is spartan and well-kept and he is very physically fit, highly proficient in close quarters combat and able to maintain his concentration on a subject from behind a sniper rifle scope for long periods of time. Trudy's normally have blonde hair with blue or hazel eyes. Trudy is talented and she will make you laugh with her many blonde moments. Kelleher International has set the Gold Standard in upscale, selective, and personalized matchmaking.Tucker and Trudy X have their daughter named Tuesday, their younger son named Truman and many gadgets at their disposal. The Halloween special, "The Haunting of Homebase," aired on October 27, 2006 at PM. However, it isn't long before they start to take their "roles" too seriously. Can Truman stop Glowface's evil plot before his brain is eaten?

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