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This game is beautiful but there is really only one route, Cero. For the other characters, it takes about 3 days investment before you figure out what they want.

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If she succeeds, she may return to the Real World and regain her voice and life.

When Soffie woke up, she found herself inside inside her Dream World. She met Dream Souls, souls of people deceased in the Real World. Soffie’s dream would soon turn into a nightmare when she discovered she could be trapped in her dream forever as a Dream Soul.

After 30 days, if she does not return to the Real World, her body would die.

Growing up, Soffie kept to herself and had few close friends. One day, Soffie visited a carnival with her brother Noah.

Little did others know, a beautiful world existed inside Soffie’s head. There, Soffie met a fortune-teller who gave her a vial of pink liquid.

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