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You can begin your job hunt by looking for keywords like digital content, digital media, online content, online community, social marketing, engagement, interactive, and just online or social media in general.Although non-standard job titles can be confusing at first, creative titles do give you valuable information about a prospective employer.A company hiring for positions called social media guru, interactive media czar, digital media ninja, content swami, or brand evangelist suggest the position is for someone with experience who likes to experiment creatively.The staff may be crafting an image in order to attract applicants who have a playful nature and a creative, or even iconic attitude.The internet was built to share text and its precedence as a digital communication conduit remains high despite the numerous alternatives.The ability to write well is a web content manager’s greatest need.An effective web content manager must possess many technical and interpersonal skills as their job continuously bounces between the website’s backend and meetings with website developers, marketing teams, and executives.We have identified the five skills every web content manager needs in 2018.

Something as simple as a strong headline will lead visitors into engaging further with your content and brand.Today’s content management systems (CMSs) are more powerful than ever and serve content across a multitude of mediums including audio, text, and video.Website content is largely controlled by a web content manager or an administrator who creates and manages an organization’s digital materials to dynamically present new and fresh content to millions of interested visitors.Many web content managers work alongside a small staff of additional writers and will benefit from project management experience in order to manage personnel and meet dynamic deadlines.​ In general, the more technical knowledge a web content manager can master, the better.A website’s content is written in HTML and displayed using CSS, so familiarity with markup and presentation makes for a better content manager.

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