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As another example, instead of being the “know-it-all problem solver” who has all the answers, act helpless and defer to other family members.Or, in the reverse, if you usually are meek and submissive, experiment with being assertive and outspoken (of course, in a non-obnoxious manner.) The Nature of Marriage The Mishna relates that one cannot provide testimony about certain blood relatives and relatives through marriage, such as brothers, uncles, nephews, and brothers-in-law.In ancient times, even young children were “married off” via the erusin process as a way to secure the marriage, and then when they became of age, nesiun was accomplished and the marriage was complete.In modern times, erusin and nesuin are accomplished back to back.Instead of getting angry, or saying something sarcastic, consider a totally different response.It could be a joke, it could be experimenting with choosing to not care about whether the light was left on or not.In part, this seems to be due to our biological destiny.

The reader may be familiar with the concept that Jewish marriage is accomplished in two stages, erusin and nisuin.Why is it that we lose passion for our spouses over time?Although in healthy relationships, understanding, respect, love, and admiration actually increases over the years, it is almost universal that passion tends to decrease.With this introduction, we can now proceed to the heart of the matter.The Gemara Sanhedrin (28b) rules that a wife through erusin is also considered a relative and one may not testify about her, even though it is not a fully complete marriage.

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