Jerry springer dating show baggage

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During the course of the game, contestants would be eliminated until there was only one potential dater left.

Then, the tables would turn, and the person who was originally doing the choosing would have to reveal their baggage, and the person they chose would then get to decide if they wanted to keep or dump the chooser.

The show was called BAGGAGE, and it dared to ask the question: how much baggage are you willing to put up with in a romantic partner?

In 2010, a new game show was launched based on that very premise.

But would you be willing to go on national television and spill the beans about all your biggest flaws?

The show was hosted by that ringmaster of sleaze himself, Jerry Springer, who was the perfect choice for the job.

Girls are instantly suspicious of any guy who does not have his own place.Mostly I wrote it as something to amuse the casting person who was reading my questionnaire.I guess it must have worked, because a few weeks later, I was picked to be on the show.For my top three I wrote, 1) I’m funny, 2) I’m a very handsome man, and 3) I’m not that good in bed, but I try really hard!I thought that was a funny line, and it didn’t seem like any of the non-baggage stuff about was ever going to get used on the show.

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