Javascript span innerhtml not updating

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Choosing bold or italic does nothing the text updates ok, but no bold or italic.

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My ckeditor allows the text to be bold, italic, underlined and resized.

For example: if the bill date is 7/27/2010 and the due date was not captured, I want to set the due date as 8/10/2010 (14 days after the bill date). I can't seem to figure this out: Code: Hi, I've inherited a Form which calculates a future date based on a calculation and then inserts today's date and the future date into a database. This is fine, but up to 9 the numbers display in single figures with no leading zeros. 12, but I suspect there's a more elgant solution to this as well, this bit of the code works so it's not as vital to neaten this but my database needs dd/mm/yyyy format (it's a third party email program).

If the due date was captured as 8/10/2010, but the due date is blank, I want to assign the bill date as 7/27/2010 (14 days before the due date).

This code has surprising results in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and I haven't found a decent explanation on the Internet of what exactly happens, so I'm posting this out of utter surprise.

First thing you'd notice is that some Id is a paragraph (p) tag.

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